Relax. We’ll walk you through the numbers

Web trend data can overwhelm even the heartiest business owner ready to tackle their website.

There are a lot of numbers out there when it comes to user trends and the web. Sometimes it feels like everyone is racing to some invisible finish line. Sit back and relax. We’ve summarized the info for you.

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Search Engine Optimization


Search performed on Google in May 2010 (Yahoo! Search: 14.4%, Bing: 9.2%, Ask 2.1%). Is your site easy to find for the 78% of Internet users who perform product research online?


New customers found through the Internet, per small business owners; second only to word of mouth at 82%. Where do your customers come from? Can they find you online?


Small businesses that use the web as their most common online marketing tool. Next is social media at 44% and search advertising at 21%? How hard is your current website working for you?


Average annual spend on search or social media by small businesses in 2011. Do you have a budget and a plan?

Email marketing


Females who prefer sharing information via email. Thirty-four percent prefer sharing over social media. Are you one of the 22% of small businesses that plan to add email marketing this year?

Mobile marketing

5 .Years

According to Morgan Stanley, the time it will take for mobile Internet users to surpass desktop users. Today, 78% of business people use their phone to check email. Is your website mobile friendly for people on the go?

Social Media


Small businesses that plan to add social media marketing this year.


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*As of May 2011. Sources: American Express OPEN Small Business Search Market Survey, March 2011; Experian Hitwise, May 2010; Marketingsherpa Mobile Marketing Case Studies, citing Morgan Stanley, 2011; Bovitz AOL research study 2011, Search Engine Journal June 2, 2011; HubSpot Blog