Web design that knows its place


Most people design a website first. Sure it’s fun, but it’s not the starting point.

A solid web design supports your strategy, message and functionality. On the web, design isn’t the star, content is. Design has a supporting role.

Fundamental decisions should support your business direction, even if that means you may not like the color. We won’t ask you to paint your living room gold if you don’t want to. But it may be the best contrasting color to grab your reader’s attention.

Spiffy Web custom designs and develops websites from A to Z. Or we can partner with your in-house team or other resources. We’ll make it work for you.

Everyone who has looked at my website commented on
the spectacular job!
— Jeff Grainger, Owner, Grainger Arts and Crafts Studio

Select the right web development tool

Just because your friend knows a web development app or language, doesn’t mean it’s the right tool for you. You need a technical solution suitable for the functionality you’ve specified.

Choosing a web development app can be daunting. There are loads of solutions available. And face it; you’d rather learn Italian than IT-speak.

Work with a company that acts as a translator. Spiffy Web guides you through the technical decision-making process to address your short- and long-term needs.

Here are some things to consider when selecting a development app:

  • Do you want to maintain the site’s content in-house?
  • Do you have an IT team to support the back end?
  • Is your business suited for shared hosting or not?
  • Do you want a mobile-friendly site?
  • Do email forms need to connect to your client database?
  • Do you want a blog? If so, do you have time to update it?
  • Need a content management system?
  • A photo gallery?

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When you need a fresh design or want to redevelop your site, call us. We’ll help you plan on getting the results you want from your website.