Your bottom line matters most

Just 63%* of web agencies track their clients’ websites. Yet, all sites need tracking and analysis to know how well their website is doing.

Spiffy Web advocates setting goals, tracking your site and analyzing the results. This is how you see the return on your web investment.

Successful tracking and analytics result in actionable insights that drive changes and improvements to your site.

My website paid for itself in three months.
All from new work generated by new clients.
— Jeff Grainger, Owner, Grainger Arts and Crafts Studio

Do the math

Figure out the cost of your average transaction or widget.

We’ll take that info and apply it to goals on your website. As goals are met, your ROI is clear.

The beauty of the web is that you can apply a monetary value to actions, in addition to traditional sales. How much is video view or link click worth to you?

Surprise, it works

Client are continually in awe when new customers find them on the web. Music to our ears! That’s the whole point of a website. Making your business easy to find and delivering solutions your audience is looking for.

Contact Spiffy Web for an estimate

When you start your project within two weeks of contacting Spiffy Web, we’ll include six months of free web tracking and analysis to establish your profile, filters and goals.

* Source: HubSpot May 2011