Business challenge: getting back in business

Jeff Grainger, an artist with 25+ years of experience didn’t have a website. He needed to generate cash flow in order to reopen his doors after a one-year hiatus.

Like all small businesses and entrepreneurs, the studio needed a steady, positive cash flow to get, and stay, up and running.

My website paid for itself in three months —
all from work generated from my website.
— Jeff Grainger, Owner, Grainger Arts and Crafts Studio

The plan

  • Create differentiated messaging around the artistic aspect of the work that answered the needs of the customer
  • Research keywords thoroughly to optimize the site and gallery database
  • Establish a website to showcase decades of work with a custom design to mirror the caliber of work produced

The results

Within three months of launch, the website:

  • Generated projects for a year, allowing the studio to plan ahead based on incoming cash flow
  • Attracted clients across the U.S. and Europe
  • Paid for itself
  • Generated 80% of total annual revenue from the website

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