Internet marketing strategy: a website’s heart and soul

This core step sets the foundation for your site’s navigation, structure and content.

Strategizing and planning requires patience, honesty and time. This makes it very tempting to avoid and jump straight into designing your website. Before you do, think about this.

The soul of planning

Dig deep into your soul and figure out what your company is about and how it’s relevant today. Many clients start a project knowing why they are in business only to realize their ideas are outdated. That’s ok. This is what business and marketing planning is about.

If your company as been around for years without a website, developing one is an ideal opportunity to address issues and map out a growth plan.

What works in the physical world has to be translated to the web. Work with Spiffy Web and we’ll figure out the answers to:

We got more than a website.
We got an integrated marketing strategy and state-of-the-art SEO.
— Laurie King, Director, Development and Strategic Planning, CCEE
  • What is the purpose of your website?
  • How do you solve your audience’s problem?

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The beating heart of keywords

The heart of a healthy website is current keywords. These words form the base of content marketing to develop and maintain your site.

You know the language your clients use to describe you, but do you know the terms and words customers use to find your services when they haven’t met you yet?

Spiffy Web’s specialty is search engine optimization, uncovering the keywords and phrases your audience is using to find your services and products.

We optimize your website taking all of this into account. We then write original content that blends browser-friendly keywords with human-friendly messages.

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