A new website is a new casa

by Cara Crosetti on November 15, 2014

An interior designer in Florida steps up her design with a big and bold new website.

Casa V Interior’s old website needed more than a facelift. The website didn’t showcase the photos of their body of work well. Nor did it express the eclectic use of color and mix of styles that owner, Mary Margaret Vasquez, adds to each project.

build a new website with spiffy web santa barbara

If you’re going to create a new look, go BIG and BOLD!

A new website is like a new casa for your business

Each interior design project is a chance to mix unexpected styles and colors, while creating an understated look, for each of Casa V’s clients. As Mary Margaret says, “I prefer a vintage dress to a new one because no one else will be wearing the same dress.” And that’s just what Spiffy Web created for Casa V…a website no one else has.

new website by spiffy web

Create a new website and make yourself a new home

After checking the competition, the traditional de riguer website design just didn’t cut it for Mary Margaret. She loves color and wanted her site to really standout. Spiffy Web’s designer created a bold look for each page with a unique color that creates an unexpected experience as you move from page to page.

copy writing for a new webiste spiffy web

This site is a great example of breaking up the text to make readers happy…and Google too.

More than just a big, bold design

Spiffy Web worked with Mary Margaret to learn about past business successes, evolution and why now was the right time for a new website and aspirations for the next phase of where to take the business.

build a blog

Spiffy Web will train you how to write effective blog articles

A big new addition was adding a blog. The time had come to dedicate the necessary effort to writing regular articles. We trained Mary Margaret how to do this effectively and away she went! She’s been learning and expanding her writing horizons too. A great personal development effort alongside a beautiful new website.

After the site launched, Mary Margaret shared this feedback:

“I absolutely love my new website. I can’t believe how amazing it looks. Well, I expected to love it, and that is why I hired you.

Thank you, thank you. I am a customer for life!”

Contact Cara at Spiffy Web to custom design and build your new website.

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