My secret love of writing in secret code

by Cara Crosetti on April 11, 2013

Writing for the web is like writing a performance review.

A couple weeks ago I had dinner with a friend I hadn’t seen in years. We reminisced about the past company and people we worked with and how we met.

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Over truffle fries, she mentioned she was surprised to hear that I loved writing performance reviews.

Everyone hates writing reviews, she reminded me. Not I, said Cara. I loved writing annual performance reviews. It was one of my favorite responsibilities as a department manger.

Keywords for HR

When you write an employee review, you are essentially writing for two audiences, just like writing a blog article or web page. You write for the person who sits across the table from you (your human audience) and HR (your search engine).

I worked for an amazing company with an incredibly organized HR department. The company also provided an outstanding management training program where no stone was left unturned. Once I learned the secret code of words and phrases to weave into a review, I was hooked. Those words communicated an average, stellar, or not so good review to HR. Yet, the employee read it at face value without knowing the secret code embedded in front of them.

Bury your writing in plain sight

The keywords you research for your website can’t feel contrived or shoe-horned into your copy. They have to hide from the reader but call out to the search engines. Just like the review.

After we finished our ice cream sundae dessert (catching up with friends is the best!), I realized I surprised myself a bit too. I hadn’t made the connection until then between my love of writing web and blog copy and annual reviews. It’s a creative challenge, a puzzle to piece together and it keeps my mind busy solving problems, which I enjoy doing too.

There’s always a solution to every problem, even if we don’t see it right in front of us.

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