Internet marketing calendar: November

by Cara Crosetti on November 27, 2012

Be aware of how your site balances performance, design and content.

November is Banana Pudding Lovers Month. Can’t believe there is such a thing.

internet marketing calendar november

Internet Marketing Calendar: November. Be aware of balance

So moving right along from there, here are a few things to help your site run smoothly this fall:

  • November 8: X-Ray Day — Examine your site’s performance over the past year, evaluate your options and create a strategy to improve your site for the coming year.
  • November 23: Fibonacci Day – Bring your site’s content and design in balance. Many sites use photos in place of content, but your site needs text as well to talk to the web crawlers and tell them what you offer. While everyone loves to look at beautiful images, like a perfectly balanced nautilus shell, search engines are blind to the beauty and need words to see your site.
  • November 30: Computer Security Day – Get ready for the holidays. 88% of shoppers want to know their personal information is safe. Add verification badges for the security services you use.

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