There are no shortcuts for good search engine optimization

by Cara Crosetti on March 28, 2011

Take time to do search engine optimization right the first time.

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This sign says it all

Everyone is looking for shortcuts and ways to do things faster. Building a website is no different when it comes to wanting a successful, high-ranking site now. stat. asap.

Clients often equate the speed of finding what they want on the web to being about to building a high-ranking website. There is a misperception about the speed of the web. Yes,¬† it’s fast when serving up results as you browse, research and buy. But those companies¬† you sites you review put a lot of time and effort into ranking for the keywords¬† you are looking for.

Natural search, researching keywords, writing original content, and reworking based on tracking and analysis takes time. Natural search is “unpaid” search in contrast to “paid” search, buying keywords and phrases through advertising. This is also called pay-per-click advertising.

Spiffy Web specializes in natural search. And I tell prospects who are thinking of developing a website, if you want a website up and running and ranking for your keywords in a couple years, then start now. Just because you build a site doesn’t mean the world is going to find it the moment you launch.

It takes time for the browsers to crawl and categorize your site. And as they do, you need to continually generate fresh content. Like, say a blog, for example.

If you want to learn more about natural search and the realities of how it works, contact Spiffy Web.

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